“Shuffle” is NOW AVAILABLE IN THEATRES from Gathr – Theatrical On Demandâ„ . Request a screening in your town today!

We are thrilled to announce that “Shuffle” is now available in theatres from GATHR Films, a service that allows you to bring the movies you want to a theatre near you!

How it works:

1. Request a screening of the film in your town.
2. Spread the word.
3. When enough people RSVP, the screening “tips” and…
4. Enjoy the movie in the theatre with an audience!


1. Click the BIG GREEN “GATHR IT!” BUTTON on your left. You’ll be taken to the “Shuffle” GATHR page.
2. Click “Request A New Screening”
3. Follow the prompts.
4. Tell your friends and make it happen!

We’re thrilled that “Shuffle” is now available theatrically to anyone who wants to experience it. The power is now in your hands. Request a screening, tell your friends and make it happen!